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What people are saying about The Wider Reality


Rachael is one of the best humans I’ve ever met, and one of the most talented. She was born to do this work, and I’m very happy to be doing it with her. She is a gifted healer with a lot of love for what she does. You can’t go wrong with this one.
— Caroline, UK

I was hours away from committing suicide when I contacted Rachael. This powerful shaman helped me survive and almost instantly solved this trauma I was going through. I honestly was going through hell. Rachael helped me with compassion and I can’t thank her enough. I highly recommend her services and retreats. They are powerful enough for me. They sure will heal and help you...I’m confident in that. It will change your life like it did mine. Again, thank you Rachael. much love.
— George, Spain

My Wider Reality retreat has been one of my most profound experiences. I have been to four ayahuasca retreats run by other groups before. While they were profound, Rachael and Caroline have managed something different. Theirs is like taking my self-awareness to another level where I can clearly see my thinking patterns and limitations. If you sign up you will be in really good (trusting) hands... They do this through a well-thought out program and their sincerity. Never once did they seemed feigned. And they never seemed withdrawn from us, though I know it was an exhausting few days for them.
The problem with plant medicine retreats these days is that some have become commercially motivated and it can be hard to tell the good ones from bad... but Rachael and Caroline are authentic and their good intentions are brought completely into what they do. I’m really grateful for coming across their little group :) It’s amazing what plant medicines can help you realise in the right hands.
Thank you again Rachael. You made a very technical person like me make sense of your world while finding more meaning in mine :)
— Kevin, Canada

The most profound sensory healing I’ve ever experienced.
I found myself pleasantly overwhelmed with the combination of the beautiful deep rhythmic beating of an exceptionally well played shamanic drum, accompanied by the immense combination of love, wisdom, technique and desire to heal from Rachael.
From start to finish I felt held and healed at each point in my journey, physically and emotionally feeling the work taking place.
Rachael really is a gifted shaman and energy worker.
The days following the universal soul retrieval I felt so much lighter and happier, I had a deep sense that things had shifted and I’d been given the opportunity to rise from some old traumas and step into my power. Thank you so much Rachael
— Scott, UK

The whole experience was truly transformative, miraculous and enjoyable, and I can’t imagine how it could have been better in any way. I have no criticisms whatsoever and I hope Rachael can spread her work to as many people as possible, because there are so many lives that could be revolutionised through this
— Rob, UK

I’m very happy that The Wider Reality has now been created so many more people will benefit from these services, events and retreats. Rachael has always been very professional and is able to hold calm and friendly space whether I’ve had a shamanic energy healing, negative energy release or on a week long retreat. While I believe this work comes naturally to Rachael, her years of training and dedication to the arts are very apparent. Rachael has not only helped me through difficult times but also countless other people too. A true testament to her shamanic work.
— Brian, UK

Wow, the most incredible journey of my life. I found myself, the true me. What I’ve been, what I am and what I always will be. Thank you Rachael from the core of my heart.
— Hege, Norway

I didn’t know what to expect from the shamanic workshop, although I felt a sense of excitement beforehand! The experience was exquisite and incredible value for money. We experienced so much in a short space of time; breathing exercises, powerful plant medicine, drum journeys and healing all with wonderful attendees. Rachael’s teaching is superb and she made me feel really relaxed and very humbled. I highly recommend this inspiring workshop and Rachael’s guidance.
— Tiffany, UK

The universal soul retrieval was a very powerful experience. As soon as Rachael knelt over me I felt a huge amount of energy thrumming through my chest, and throughout the process I felt the vibration of the drum moving into different parts of my body, independent of Rachael’s movements. Immediately after the session I felt noticeably lighter and had a deep feeling of calm, which built into moments of euphoria in the days following. Making eye contact with myself in mirrors has been intensely emotional, but otherwise the main thing I have noticed is that I feel clearer, with considerably more drive and energy. I feel more authentically myself, and much more positive.
— Annette, UK

No words can describe this experience. It gave me so many answers. I’m so grateful. You are amazing. Thank you Rachael.
— Unni, Norway

It was wonderful to meet Rachael and all the other people drawn to this workshop. Rachael has the gift of teaching in a way that inspires others in their own journey. I learned many things at the workshop - the most important of which is to trust in myself and not try to control. Thank you Rachael for bringing us such wonderful insight.
— Karen, UK

The words can’t describe my gratitude... Your voice is the medicine too.
— Lina, Malta

I attended Rachael’s workshop and was welcomed by her open arms. The workshop surpassed my expectations. A great introduction for anyone curious about shamanism. She held space brilliantly and was very organised and thoughtful in her approach. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is a little bit interested to let her guide you. The workshop was fun and very informative. It’s been a pleasure to meet Rachael and I will hopefully see you soon. Look forward to my next experience and so happy you have decided to visit Manchester! Love and light
— Simon, UK

Rachael is an amazing healer and great facilitator. Whilst some holistic experiences can feel quite abstract and overloaded with content, Rachael takes her time to explain in detail whilst nurturing clients extremely well. She has a beautiful, warm and powerful energy that invites spirit in so beautifully. I was honoured to share space with Rachael at a shamanism workshop and really look forward to working with her again.
— Serina, UK

I haven’t felt this happy in about ten years. I feel like I have literally had something removed from stomach. I carried around a physical feeling of anxiety and sorrow for years and during the mushroom ceremony I felt Rachael literally pull this ball of pain from me using shamanic healing... I instantly felt lighter. I couldn’t fault Rachael and Caroline they were so supportive during the retreat.
I can honestly say that for the first time in three and half years since my dad passed away that I haven’t cried myself to sleep at night. I can now look at a picture of him with out that lump instantly coming in my throat. That is more than I could of even hoped to take away from the retreat. The food was amazing and the retreat itself was so well organised. I really enjoyed the yoga and the cacao ceremony was a real laugh. It’s the first time I’ve ever danced in a room full of strangers sober and really had a good time! Inbetween ceremonies all we did was laugh! Laughter is the best medicine. I cannot wait for the next retreat. I would recommend anyone to experience this at least once in your life to experience the beauty that nature has to offer us and for all its magical healing powers! I’m finally at peace with myself thank you ever so much Rachael. I will be forever grateful. I miss my new family. Until we meet again my forever friends. Namaste
— Stephanie, UK

Amazing workshop with Rachael learning about plant medicines and shamanic healing!! I hopefully will get to go to her retreat one day too!
— Kharyce, UK

It’s hard to put into words the experience with The Wider Reality & Magnetic Movement. It’s so much more than a story I can tell because what I’ve taken away from my time with Rachael and Caroline is a feeling, it’s happiness, it’s pure joy. These two ladies are so good! They really know how to set a space where you can come together with complete strangers and by the end of the week you leave feeling like a family, laughing, dancing and singing the days away. I’ll always hold a special place in my heart for the people I’ve met on my journey with The Wider Reality & Magnetic Movement
— Shawn, USA

It has taken me a week or so since this retreat finished to process all the benefits that I have taken from the experience. But WOW! I feel totally revitalised and re-energised, ready to implement the changes the ceremonies and integration sessions taught me. My life is once again full of love and inspiration and on top of that, I have a new found family in the form of Rachael, Caroline and all the other beautiful humans that I shared this space with. This retreat gave me so much more than I had expected and a week later, is still giving as I flick through the catalogue of memories I now have on file. Thank you so much for this beautiful experience and I will be recommending it to everyone I can. I can’t wait to see you all again.
— Luke, UK

Maybe the best kept secret in England? A great Healer, shaman, and alchemist with a compassionate heart of gold.
— Jay, UK

There are no words to describe the profound experience I had with the Wider reality & Magnetic Movement! It has shifted my life and I will be forever grateful. Rachael and Caroline are absolutely wonderful. There singing is out of this world and it adds a grace and transcendence that is unparalleled. Every activity and ceremony was done with such intention, integrity, and beauty. The variety of activities (dance, yoga, meditation, cacao, Pusanga, ceremonies, etc.) truly put me in a safe heart opening space to get the most out of my time and to gain skills to go home with. I can’t thank you enough and I will definitely be recommending The Wider Reality & Magnetic Movement to everyone I know.
— Codi, USA

So glad that I got to meet Rachael in this lifetime. She is just amazing and in a way has changed my life and my view on things. I attended a shamanic healing workshop that Rachael did and it was another level!
— Michael, UK