Entity Removal/Negative Energy Release


The entity removal/negative energy release is also apart of the Universal Soul Retrieval process. It could be that you would benefit most from this service, so please check it out here before booking. Otherwise, I can perform an entity removal/negative energy release as a separate service.

Negative energies, entities and demons are all the same thing

Let me tell you a bit about negative energies and entities, and how they utislise the energy fields and awareness of human beings.

Surrounding our physical bodies we have:

  • Etheric (life force)
  • Mental (to think with)
  • Astral (to feel with)
  • Causal (to evolve with) bodies

When the death process happens, we still have our astral and etheric bodies. These two bodies can combine to form an entity. An entity has a general thirst for bad things. Though this is not always how we end up with an entity attachment. 

When a person dies the entity has no host and cannot survive without one. This entity will now try to find a new host. For example, a new born baby, someone in hospital (probably on anesthetic), a mother giving birth, an environment where alcohol is being consumed, or a cinema (horror films). This is an easy way in for the entity/energy.

When it finds a host it is a great relief for the entity as it can now exist. This is a fight for survival. It feeds on the energy of the person. The problem is that a person can go decades without noticing any problems, and then develop issues with their health, etc.

A Negative Energy Release is a very profound process and can change people’s lives. People who can help with this are:

  • Shamans
  • Priests
  • Magical practitioners

Negative entities are afraid of change, but above what is known as 'the blue vortex' is their salvation. Yet they cling on. This is why we 'love them up and out'. Negative entities should never be sent to the earth. They will just find another host to interfere with. If we send them to the celestial dimensions instead, they will no longer be here interfering with humans and will also be turned into light beings upon entering the celestial realms. 

it is thought that around 75% of the population have negative entity attachments, which is no small number, but it's unsurprising when you consider the dysfunction in society. Negative entities are very sly and clever!

Symptoms of negative entity attachment can look like this: 

  • Loss of joy in life
  • Experience thoughts that are destructive and not your usual thought patterns
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Trouble sleeping 

The truth is that entities have very little power, which is why they have to resort to covert manipulation and trickery. They only really have one power and that is whispering. They whisper into the ears of those they are attached to, giving them dark thoughts and impulses.

Many years ago when I drank Ayahuasca, she told me that she would be taking up permanent residence in my energy field. She is now one of my most powerful guides when I'm performing a healing. She is a great help in the removal of entities in clients. 

Entity removal can be done with or without a Universal Soul Retrieval, so if you wish to use this service without the Universal Soul Retrieval, please book via the button below. The price is £30 for a remote removal, or £50 for an in person appointment.