Energy Body Repair

curse removal.jpg

An energy body scan and repair is performed in order to check all of the client's organs and energy centres for any blockages or undiagnosed illnesses. This ensures that any blockages are removed and the chakras are left aligned and spinning in the correct direction. 

Energy blockages such as the throat chakra can cause a person to be unable to speak their truth fully.

When I work with my guides to remove these blockages, it allows energy to better flow in the body. Like all stages of the Universal Soul Retrieval work, this part of the process can be utterly life changing for many. 

Messages from my guides often come to me during this process, meaning I can offer you solutions to any issues that you may have. This may be in the form of healing mantras, a ritual for you to perform or a plant medicine for you to work with. 

Once the work is complete, the energy body and all energy centres are sealed with bright golden healing light. This allows the energy body to remain light and glowing. It also prevents any further interference from unwanted energies.