Psychopomp healing is a free service that I offer to those who have had a relative pass away. I must have permission from a relative of the deceased person in order to do this work. 

The term psychopomp originates from the Greek word pompos (meaning guide) and psyche (meaning soul, life or breath). It literally means to guide the dead. 

Generally, souls have no problem moving over into the afterlife. But when a person dies under the influence of an opioid drug like morphine, they often don't realise that they are even dead. Therefore, they don't properly move on from this world to the next and remain stuck in space and time. 

This healing takes me just a few minutes to perform. Using the beat of my drum, I will enter into a trance like state in order to journey to the place where your relative died. Here I will lift the opioid fog if necessary and guide them towards the portal of light and back to source. The place of universal unconditional love. 

During this healing, the helping hands of ancestors often come through the portal of light to help the deceased to pass into spirit. It is a truly beautiful and loving experience.