Shamanic Energy Healing


Fortunately it seems that in today's world, the attitudes toward energy work is finally changing. It is far less common for energy healing to be seen as new age nonsense or witchcraft, as so many people have felt the tangible benefits from it. Reiki is widely accepted and can be found in practically every town in the UK.

Shamanic energy healing is less known, but the benefits are just as good as Reiki. After all, these are both energy healing methods, and the only real variation is in the techniques. Shamanic energy healing is just less rigid and works with intuition over symbols. However, those who are Reiki attuned may find that learning to do shamanic energy healing enhances the abilities they already have.

Everyone has the ability to heal

Every human has the ability to heal themselves and others. What is required is true intention and a certain amount of knowledge on how to channel and shift energies. Energy work can be quite intense at times and requires a grounding practice; this is something that shouldn't be overlooked. Whether a person believes in energy healing or not has no impact on the benefits they receive from it.


Having said that, it certainly helps to be aware of our immense power and capability as human beings. Everything is energy, and energy can not be destroyed. It can move and change form; it can also become stuck in certain places and with assistance, it can be freed from obstacles so that it flows naturally once again.

The healing energies channeled in a shamanic energy healing come directly from source. The healer is simply a conduit for those energies. With energy healing, you must step out of the mind for a while, get into a meditative state and allow yourself to be a channel for the source energy to flow through. With time, you will learn to surrender, trusting in your power to facilitate great healing.

Giving is receiving

One of the best things about energy healing is that when you give a healing, you're also receiving healing, as the same source energies cleanse your own body as they flow through you to the person you're working with.

Consider psychic abilities,  which work in a similar way. We all have the ability, we're just not accustomed to using it. We all have strengths in some areas more than others, just as we have one talent while someone else has another. Psychic abilities can be practiced by anyone, and the more practice you get, the better you'll be come. You're like a tuning fork.

Things shamanic energy healing can help with:

  • Removal of energy blockages
  • Realignment of chakras
  • Pain relief or eradication of pain
  • Heal emotional traumas stuck in the body's cells and tissues
  •  Grounding and mental clarity

Quite often during a shamanic energy healing, the healer perceives lots of sensations in the body and minds eye. This might be changes in temperature, rushes of energy through the body, tingling in the hands, seeing energy colours and orbs, etc. It is also common for the person receiving the healing to experience similar things to the healer.

We teach techniques on retreat

At The Wider Reality retreats, all facilitators are fully trained shamanic energy and Reiki healers. We are there to assist with your healing  needs, and we also help you to learn and practice healing techniques on yourself and others.

Here are some of the things we'll teach you:

  • Protecting your own energy field,
  • The art of smudging a space for protection
  • How to sense and tune into your astral body
  • How to open and close a healing session
  • How to perform a full healing routine
  • How to channel source energy

A shamanic energy healing with me costs £25 for a 30 minute appointment. Please click the button below to book, and I will contact you to make a mutually suitable appointment.