DNA Repair


DNA is a very interesting thing. There is more biodiversity on this planet than anywhere else! 97% of DNA was labelled as “junk” by scientists. But how can this be true? The creator couldn't make such a mistake, so science is surely missing something. Genetics is not fixed, although many people believe that it is. Shamans may tell you that DNA is light. They can perceive it as white light and colour that is constantly moving.


You can activate your DNA by smoking organic tobacco and drinking good quality, pure water. This is important, because if you are dehydrated then your DNA will be sluggish.

Here is some information about DNA. This indicates how it's possible to work with it in order to make positive changes in your life:

  • DNA is literally the code that creates you
  • DNA is constantly in a state of flux and can be changed
  • DNA is in every cell of every life form on this planet
  • DNA can be deactivated by exposure to toxins and pollution (e.g driving on the motorway)
  • Many people have damaged DNA
  • Many clients are likely to have damage to the base pair sequencing of their DNA  

Western science only recognises two helixes, but some shamans recognise 13, and we can activate all 13 helixes. The more we activate, the more capacity we have as human beings.

Every cell has a nucleus and every nucleus has 46 chromosomes. Interestingly, the ageing program was never activated in the amoeba - an amoeba is immortal. If no one tries to kill an amoeba, then it simply does not die.

You may have heard of the Egyptian god Thoth, was said to be immortal and never died. it's interesting to consider that the ageing program is not compulsory. It's like this: Intend to live and you will live. Intend to die and you will die!

DNA Repair Work:

The DNA work I do is healing at a cellular level. It works like this:

  • The clients energy body is taken to what we call the Green Planet - an incredibly powerful planet full of the largest trees I have ever seen 
  • I enter my client’s energy body to see what state the DNA is in
  • The higher self of the client is asked to provide a template of the DNA in it’s optimal state
  • Problems will appear to me as greying in the DNA
  • I cover the client's DNA in a golden healing light 
  • The golden healing light fixes anomalies in the DNA

After this point, I fix the telomeres on the end of each DNA strand to deactivate the ageing program, and activate the 'youthening' program. The telomeres will look as though chunks are missing from them. To fix this, me and my guides spin the DNA until the telomeres begin to look like hard shiny marble. This replenishes the telomeres, causing the ageing program to deactivate.

Mother Ayahuasca also helps me with the DNA work as well as the entity removal work in clients. She splits herself into billions of nano vines. These vines go into every single cell - into the nucleus where the DNA is - and she scans the DNA in every cell. Where Ayahuasca encounters problems, she rectifies all of the DNA back to its base state.