Welcome to The Wider Reality

The Wider Reality describes the periphery of our universe. It is a place of angelic beings, our higher selves, spirit guides, extraterrestrials and universal unconditional love. It is a space of connectedness and the place where the bright light of source consciousness emanates from. It is also the place where almost all of my shamanic healing takes place. 

The Wider Reality offers a wide range of shamanic services, all of which are aimed at healing the being or environment I am working with. I run plant medicine ceremonies and retreats in Europe, at which we do other shamanic sessions. I have undertaken full shamanic training and my services include universal soul retrieval, one to one sessions, house clearances, entity removal, shamanic energy healing, shamanic journeying, remote healing and more.

I also run 'Introduction to Shamanism' workshops for those who wish to explore this fascinating subject and learn techniques to help with healing and life management. Please scroll down for my upcoming workshops. 

Upcoming Workshops and Retreats

If you wish to be a warrior, prepare to get broken; if you wish to be an explorer, prepare to get lost; and if you wish to be a lover, prepare to be both.
— Daniel Saint

Plant Medicine Retreats in Europe

If you are interested in knowing about my plant medicine retreats, please see the below video of a retreat I ran last year with my co-host, Magnetic Movement. We are currently running retreats in Spain with sacred plant medicines ayahuasca, huachuma (San Pedro) and medicinal mushrooms. Please see my retreat menu for more information.

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