Curse Removal

curse removal.jpg

A curse removal is to remove all curses made by all beings across all lifetimes.

If you call someone stupid over and over again they can take on this idea, embody it and can actually become stupid. This is a curse. A child who is called stupid all their lives may grow up unable to read because they embody this curse.

Here are some facts about curses:

  • A person can curse themselves: “I am” .. ‘I did” .. “I have” ..
  • Someone else can curse a person: “You…” .. “He…” .. “She…” ... etc.
  • Curses are so powerful that they can blight a person’s entire life. The person will then live the curse as though it is true.
  • Curses may have been carried for a long, long time across many many lifetimes.

This is how a curse works:

If a person convinces themselves they are in poverty then they will come back every lifetime in poverty until they break that verbal poverty curse. Another example is the chastity curse, which results in revulsion to sex.

A curse not only affects the person who is cursed, but also all of their close friends and family. This is why the work shamans are doing to resolve this is very important and powerful.