Universal Soul Retrieval


Universal Soul Retrieval

This healing is made up of many different stages that I will explain in more detail below. First, let me tell you about the universal Soul Retrieval itself. 

As humans we experience emotional and physical traumas here and in other life times. When this happens a soul part is knocked out causing a fragment in the whole. That soul part remains in that same place in time and space until it is retrieved. These soul loss traumas can cause a person to feel vulnerable, scared and lost. 

When performing a traditional Soul Retrieval for a client I will find myself back in the place where the trauma happened. Here I will find the energy of that soul part. It is usually alone and isolated. Me and my guides will then perform on the spot healing for the traumatised soul part before returning it back to the client. 

Universal Soul Retrieval is different and involves gathering as many lost soul parts in one go as possible. This is a profound healing and can be broken down into stages if it's too much for a client. Instead of gathering all lost soul parts at once I will gather them one at a time in stages.  

Soul Retrieval is at the front of a shamans tool belt and is probably the most powerful healing modality that we offer. Soul retrieval has been a healing tool since around 12,000 BC.

This service includes entity removal, curse removal, DNA repair, energy body scan and repair and the Universal Soul Retrieval itself. You can book the entity removal as a separate service if you wish to. Please read on for more details.

Profound soul loss

When a client experiences profound soul loss, this is a result of severe trauma. It means that they are more susceptible to negative entity attachment, which can wreak havoc on their lives, emotions and mental states. This is why I also include entity removal in this healing process. 

The symptoms of profound soul loss are:

  • No motivation
  • No clear direction in life
  • Anxiety
  • Digestive problems
  • Poverty
  • Depression

Below are the aspects that are covered in a Universal Soul Retrieval . Each aspect can be worked on individually, but all are part of a Universal Soul Retrieval process.

Here are the separate aspects of the Universal Soul Retrieval:

Entity Removal/Negative Energy Release

Entity removal and negative energy release is a separate service, but it is also part of what I do in your Universal Soul Retrieval. If you book a Universal Soul Retrieval, you can expect to have your energy fields cleared of any negativity present, including entities using it for sustenance. Read more about entity removal and negative energy release here.

DNA Repair

DNA repair is part of the Universal Soul Retrieval process. I will do some work on your DNA to fix the telomeres on the end of each DNA strand. This deactivates the ageing program, and activates the 'youthening' program. Read more about DNA Repair here.

Curse Removal

A curse removal is to remove all curses made by all beings across all lifetimes. Others can curse us, but we can also curse ourselves unwittingly. It may not be totally obvious to us that we're operating under the effects of a curse, but once it is removed, our lives can be transformed. Read more about curse removal here.

Energy Body Repair

Another vital aspect of the Universal Soul Retrieval is an energy body scan and repair. This is a check up all your organs and energy centres, in which I sense blockages or undiagnosed illnesses.  The process removes blockages so that the energy is able to flow freely once again. Read more about energy body repair here.

Booking a Universal Soul Retrieval

Universal Soul Retrieval can be done remotely or in person. The price varies between £66 and £131 dependent on your financial situation and whether you book in person or remotely.  I offer a sliding scale dependent on your financial situation.

I can visit your home dependent on location, you can come to either one of the healing rooms on the Wirral or Liverpool, or it can be done remotely; most people opt for remotely anyway as there is no difference in results.

When you make a booking through my site, I will contact you shortly afterwards to make a mutually suitable appointment if you book an in person session. Otherwise, you can send me a message to discuss preferred dates ahead of booking. When you book remotely, I will send you a confirmation email, and within 7 days of receipt of payment I will tell you when I'm about to start the work. A full report will be sent to you once the work is finished, in all instances.