The  Team



I currently run plant medicine retreats with Caroline, the founder of Magnetic Movement. Caroline has been working with the plants for more than seven years, and extensively with ayahuasca and huachuma. She spent time in the mountains of Peru and in the Amazon, working with the plants in their indigenous environment.

In the past she was a holistic practitioner, and is now a professional writer and dance group coordinator. Caroline is also a shamanic energy healer, so we work together on retreat to bring (and teach) energy healing to our participants.

Caroline will tell you that plants have taught her more than she could have ever hoped for. They changed her life in countless ways, helping her to understand herself and reality in much healthier ways. We both agree that the plants are literally life savers!

Caroline and I share a similar perspective, attitude and level of integrity, which is what makes us such a great team. Together we want to bring the sacred plants to people who haven't been able to access them in the past, so that personal issues and illnesses can be healed and a healthier new paradigm can be born.