Plant Medicine Retreats


I work with another retreat facilitator, Magnetic Movement, to bring you sacred plant medicine retreats in different locations in Europe. We always run the retreats out in wild nature, reconnecting you to the Earth and bringing you profound healing experiences with these amazing medicinal plants.

The retreats are an opportunity for you to dive into all elements of yourself on a journey of personal exploration and healing. There will be sharing, integration and full immersion into both nature and the community spirit we are starved of within our everyday lives.

This video is an overview of our plant medicine retreats; there's some snapshots of our activities, a little chat from the hosts about what we do and why, and some of our guests offer their insights. We combine the plant ceremonies synergistically and offer a range of other activities that all benefit healing and enhanced consciousness.

Here is what our plant medicine retreats typical consist of, although some of the complementary activities will vary dependent on location facilities:

  • 3 x plant medicine ceremonies: ayahuasca, medicinal mushrooms, huachuma (San Pedro). 
  • Introduction to mugwort, rapé, and sananga
  • Cacao ceremony
  • Dance meditation
  • Psychological exploration and personality typing
  • Yoga
  • Shamanic journeying
  • Shamanic energy healing
  • Art and crafts
  • A water experience (depending on which centre we are using)
  • Musical Sessions
  • Integration
  • Tarot and divination
  • Nature walks
  • Pusanga (a plant medicine administered through baths/topical application)

While on retreat with us, you will eat and organic, vegan diet. It will consist of tasty superfoods to cleanse you and ensure that you're detoxing effectively the whole time you're on retreat with us. It also helps the sacred plants to work efficiently with your physical environment.

Places are usually limited to  10 people as we prefer a close-knit group, and because we always want to give everyone our full attention.

People generally have quite a few questions, so between myself and my co-host, we have done our best to answer them for you in our FAQs. However, you're welcome to contact me for more information, or click the button below if you wish to reserve a place on our next retreat.

Before booking, you may wish to read our Cancellation/T&Cs, and my gallery contains some images of past retreats.